Pragmatic optimists.

We are a team of pragmatic optimists — urban entrepreneurs dedicated to growing and improving our city. We see opportunities that others can’t and move quick to make things of lasting value. We contribute our personal experience, expertise and interests in bringing ideas and projects to life. Our team and partners are open and collaborative — working with tenants, citizens and city builders to shape and transform Toronto.


Our Approach


The potential and power of place.

We invest in the places we know and love. By focusing on not only geographic, but also cultural clusters we play a unique role in shaping the neighbourhoods we consider home. Our approach allows us to create destinations in a way single developments and less focused strategies can’t. Be it through office, retail, residential — or a combination of all three — we look to create spaces that, together with our tenants, define our city and show the world the potential of well-designed places.



Fast moving & long-lasting.

In our work, we embrace the speed of the city — fast moving and longlasting. We’re committed to the future of Toronto and its citizens. Our long-term strategy allows us to invest in neighbourhoods, buildings and tenant experience in ways short-term thinking doesn’t. Our creativity and entrepreneurial attitude keeps us moving fast and spotting opportunities others can’t see. The energy and longevity of the city we live, work and invest in inspires our approach to building it.


Design-led, impact-driven.

We use great design to positively impact the places we invest in. Our projects are thoughtfully integrated and neighbourhood-defining — bringing life to old buildings and timeless design to new ones. In everything we do, we aim to define a new, elevated standard for architectural quality, cultural impact and realized urban potential.


Our Leadership


Our Team


Asset Management

We strategically invest in new and thriving downtown neighbourhoods across Toronto, North America’s fourth largest city. With the goal of longterm growth and superior risk adjusted returns, our portfolio consists of beautifully-designed buildings, financially successful and vertically integrated projects that span a variety of asset types — office, retail, residential and mixed-use — and scales.

Hands-on and agile, creative and analytical, our team finds opportunities where others don’t. We never rest on our laurels and are always pushing to create value for all our stakeholders — investors, tenants, financial and community partners. In every investment, we look to create support, growth and opportunity with lasting benefits, because our success is tied to that of the city we help build.



Our real estate development team is focused on finding hidden value and potential across downtown Toronto. In all our projects, we aim to elevate the quality of design through creative, timeless and thoughtfully integrated renovations and new builds that create lasting value.

By focusing on neighbourhoods we know and love, we’re able to quickly understand the current and future needs of the community. Our projects have become a platform for the new wave of culturally influential businesses and entrepreneurs that are defining our city.

Our strategy allows us to not only create sought-after commercial and mixed-use properties, but also play a leading role in shaping the spaces between. The result is more than a group of buildings, it’s a destination — it’s what allows us to be developers, and more importantly, city builders.


Tenant Experience

We love our buildings and the people who bring them to life with their stores, restaurants and businesses. To make sure both are well taken care of, we manage our own properties. This means we can invest in and maintain our buildings — making sure they run smoothly and remain the beautiful buildings our tenants sought-out.

Though we take on the duties of property managers, we are focused on providing a tenant experience that lives up to the care and attention to detail you see in our buildings.


Murphy Hull.jpg

Our History


The past 60 years and our founder, Murphy Hull.

Murphy Hull started Hullmark in 1950. Growing up in Toronto as a young Polish immigrant, Murphy began in the industry as a plasterer, later progressing his trade into a home building business and subsequently into real estate development. When he started building in the 50s, the new suburban ideal was taking shape. The measure of success was being able to move out of downtown Toronto into a spacious new home on the outskirts of the city. Through hard work, determination and cultivated partnerships, Murphy grew Hullmark into a successful and influential development business. In the 70s, Murphy began pioneering condominium development, which at the time, was a new and unprecedented housing typology in the Toronto suburbs. Continuing to invest in suburban communities, his life’s work and vision culminated with the Hullmark Centre at Yonge and Sheppard, a mixed-use urban-type community, and the largest-scale project Murphy had ever undertaken. Now, with his grandson Jeff carrying on the family business, Hullmark has come full-circle, investing in the very neighborhoods where his grandparents grew up in downtown Toronto.